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Name:Jericho Fan Fiction
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Fan Fiction for the television show Jericho
[community profile] jerichofanfiction is the place to post or announce your Jericho stories. We're open to all kinds of FPF stories—slash, het, gen, crossovers, you name it—as long as they are set in (or have some kind of connection to) the Jericho verse. Sorry, RPF/RPS is not allowed; this community is for stories about Jericho characters, not Jericho actors.

Who can post?
Anyone with a Dreamwidth account can post stories. You don't even need to join the community to do so (note: this might change in case of abuse). If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can get one in two ways:
  1. by buying a paid account (accounts start at $3/month, after which you can let it lapse to a free account), or
  2. by getting an invite code. If you need a code, and don't have a friend who has one available, post your request at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. People with spare codes are usually very willing to help a fellow fan out.
Who can comment?
Anyone! You don't need a Dreamwidth account to read the stories or write feedback for the author (note: anonymous commenting might be disabled in the future if it gets abused—and we don't really need to remind you to be civil, right?). If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, but don't want to be an anonymouse, you can used OpenID to identify yourself. Many services (including LiveJournal and Blogger) provide open ids nowadays.

How to post?
You can either post your full story directly to the community (a single post can contain up to 300,000 characters), or you can announce you have posted a story elsewhere on the internet (i.e. your own Dreamwidth journal, LiveJournal,, Archive of Our Own, or any personal archives), and add a link to it here. Please try to have your story beta-read before posting.

When posting either a story or an announcement, we do request you make sure you add the following:

A header
that includes at least:
  • Title of the story
  • Your author name
  • The main character(s)/Pairing
  • A rating (see more about using ratings below)
  • A summary.
You can add any other information that you feel is applicable, like warnings, labels, etc.

A cut
If you're posting the entire story to the community, please put it behind a cut. To add a Dreamwidth cut, use <cut text="CUT TEXT HERE">YOUR STORY</cut>.

Use the tag system to classify your story. This will help readers find the kind of stories they like to read more easily. Need a tag that's not yet available? Drop us a comment, and we'll add it ASAP.

We think that most of our tags are pretty self-explanatory. However, the ratings tags might require a bit of an explanation: unlike most archives, we prefer to use a three-tiered system rather than movie-based ratings, since the written word is not quite the same as a visual story. Note that in your header you can still use any kind of rating system you prefer. The three-tiered system is only for tagging purposes.

General audiences

This story contains no objectionable content and is safe for all age levels.

Teen audiences
This story may contain mild objectionable content or stronger themes. It is inappropriate for young children but appropriate for teenagers.

Adult audiences
This story will contain content not suited for younger readers and deal with adult themes like sex and/or violence. Reader discretion advised.

Questions? Compliments? Complaints? Drop us a comment.

Disclaimer: The stories published or announced here are based on the Junction Entertainment/Fixed Mark Productions/CBS Paramount Television series Jericho. They were written for entertainment only; the authors should not profit from them nor was any infringement of copyright intended.
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